Mami Wata & Me

Video collage, cloth, felt, found objects
Mami Wata, a cross-diasporian water spirit, reflective of the divine, abundant, black body. She and her snake come with joy and riches to those she finds worthy. Her worshipers don white and wait for the gold to come to them from her life giving shores. A mother for the left behind and unloved. She is our middle wo(man) to the spirit realm. Her jealousy knows no bounds.

Is her domain tied to a chemical compound? We know she swims along the coasts, but I need to know, in my inability to travel back to my motherland, if she will be bothered to surf the world wide web. Will she cash app me? How close must the simulacra be to the original to summon a mother’s love? 

I hope the divinity of the black vessel translates through mp3 format. Black people build community through severed roots, her story floats all across the diaspora. We pray the internet mycelium translates our needs to the currents of the ocean, and that Mami Wata deins to repair streams of wealth and happiness into our communities across the world.

Full Video: